Meet the Team

We're all about collaborating to make great things happen. So let's get acquainted!

Feel free to reach out to any of us if you have a question, want to start a project, or just to say hello!

Craig Oppenheimer

Executive Producer
Prior to Wonderful Machine, Craig was as an art buyer at Bank of America and worked in various production and asset management roles for ad agencies in the Philadelphia and Baltimore areas. When he’s not in the office, Craig enjoys riding his bike and making vegetarian sushi. His bucket list includes visiting a different national park every year.

Bryan Sheffield

Senior Producer
Bryan was raised in the Northern NJ suburbs of NYC, since then he has lived in 4 other states ... and visited all 50 of 'em. Bryan received a BFA in photography from The School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston. Throughout Bryan’s career his love for creative planning of detailed productions has led him to concept, plan, and execute photography for publications, brands, and agencies all over the world. On the weekends Bryan can be found exploring forests, rivers, & mountains along-side his theatre executive wife, their 2 young children, and family dog Bobby “Big Legs”.

Nadia Kiyatkina

Project Manager
As an alum of Royal Holloway University and Bristol Old Vic Theatre School (both located in England), Nadia is genuinely passionate about the arts. Even more impressive: by taking jobs in the MSKCC’s fundraising department or helping small businesses with web design, content creation, email marketing, and promotional material design, she knows what it takes to operate a business. These skills came together beautifully in L.A., where she worked in television as a producer and casting director. Nadia has since returned to the east coast, where she is an indispensable member of the Wonderful Machine team and a selfless foster dog mom at the Penn Vet Center.

Honore Brown

Senior Photo Editor
Honore began her career as the manager for Max Vadukul Studio, where she maintained and archived photographs, coordinated photo shoots, and printed Vadukul’s portfolio for agency representation. She then moved to the New Yorker to take these skills to a higher level. While there, she took on an array of responsibilities, producing and commissioning photo shoots, managing the licensing rights of photos, and maintaining relationships with museums and galleries, to name a few. Through working at Wonderful Machine and pursuing her own photography career, Honore has a palpable passion for the medium. But what she loves most about her work are the photographers and the relationships she gets to build with them.

Julia Hanley

Producer/Marketing Specialist
After earning a degree in photojournalism from Temple, she became an apprentice for WM when the company was still just a photographer collective. In 2010 she moved to California to become a producer. As photo director for Novus Select, Julia made strides as a digital asset manager and production coordinator for five years. When she came back to Philadelphia, Julia rejoined WM, where she’s traveled for production shoots, worked in consultation, and taught a capsule course for Drexel. More recently her focus is marketing consulting, working one-on-one with photographers. When she’s not in the office, Julia is all about family time and can be found with her lovely daughter, Caroline Ruby.

Jemma Dilag

Photo Editor/Creative Consultant
After growing up in the Bronx Little Italy, Jemma moved to Philly to earn a BFA at Temple’s Tyler School of Art. Initially, their love of typography and design led them to major in graphic design, but eventually their growing passion for imagery and storytelling led them to switch to photography. Equipped with a multi-faceted background in photography and design as well as a deep understanding of clients’ creative needs, Jemma works with photographers at all stages of their careers to help them build their portfolio and brand. Jemma is passionate about bridging the gap for young, emerging, BIPOC, and LGBTQIA+ photographers by directing them to the tools and knowledge needed to achieve their creative and professional goals. Outside of Wonderful Machine, you can find Jemma working on personal projects in photography and writing, rollerblading through Philadelphia, or knitting.

Eloisa García

Associate Photo Editor/ Producer
Known as Elo, this Mexican dancer, defender of art, and mother of two has lived in Algeria, Switzerland, and always, Mexico. And as a true creative, she is found with a camera in-hand throughout all of her travels. Photography is Eloisa’s passion, making Wonderful Machine a natural landing spot as she settles into her new home in Madrid, Spain. In February and March of 2020, Elo presented her first major exhibition — a gallery inspired by her book 707 days in Algeria. The show, taking place in Mexico City, was well-received by audiences and media alike. Outside of photography, Elo loves music, films, cooking, traveling, and spending time with family & friends — especially her two muses, her son Fausto, 6, and daughter Irene, 4.

Cameron Sterling

Photo Editor/Creative Consultant
Cameron grew up in Connecticut and lived in every state beginning with C. After editing publications through high school and college, he served as editor of a mountain lifestyle website in Colorado before leaving to study commercial photography at Brooks. Since then, he has worked as a photo editor and creative consultant for Adobe Stock, Hiro, and The Avedon Foundation, to name a few. Outside of his dream job, Cameron loves playing with his kids and finding zen in busy places.

Greg Jones

Photo Editor
Greg is a photographic writer, publisher, and artist from Syracuse, NY. As an artist, Greg has exhibited internationally and has visual books in library collections at MoMA, The Met, Yale, and others. As a writer, Greg produced over two-million words of photographic criticism for various publications. He also teaches photographic practice, history, and theory at the Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. Greg’s wife is from Indiana, their greyhound is named Indiana, and they watch lots of movies together. He also patiently waits for the Buffalo Bills to return to glory. “Go Bills!” he often says.

Jen Warren

Associate Photo Editor/ Creative Consultant
A photo editor, art buyer, and yogi at various points in life, Jen’s eclectic background and skillset are a welcome addition to the WM team — as is her decidedly Californian morning routine of meditation and a turmeric collagen latte. After earning a BFA in Photography from Art Center College of Design, Jen worked as a photo editor in newspapers and entertainment and later became an art buyer for an ad agency. Off the clock, Jen is pursuing her 200-hour yoga teacher training certification and looks forward to a future in yoga instruction for advertising agencies and creatives. The Long Beach native has also made it a life goal to renovate an old Spanish-style house in her hometown.

Andrew Souders

Associate Photo Editor
Andrew escaped the small-town life to study at Temple’s Tyler School of Art. Although he earned a degree in painting and art history, he found his way into the photography world and has since taken every opportunity to learn the ins and outs of the industry. Along the way, Andrew has lived through trying times, such as being chased by an alligator and almost getting adopted by Bette Midler (okay, that one is kinda cool). In 2009, his participation in a photo shoot went from talent to assistant, and he has traveled and worked on sets and in studios ever since. While not on set, at Wonderful Machine, or bartending at night, this jack of all trades finds time to get back to his roots. In his free time, Andrew still paints, or tinkers on his vintage motorcycle.

Schuyler Wickes

Associate Photo Editor
Born in Wynnewood, PA but raised in London, England, Schuyler has seen it all. A career that has taken him from New York to Los Angeles, Atlanta and now back to Philadelphia, he has returned to where it all began. A veteran of Madison Avenue ad agencies and Hollywood Boulevard production companies, Schuyler has been at the forefront of branding and media for more than 20 years. In his spare time, Schuyler enjoys time spent with his wife, Becky, and their two teenage daughters. When they’re preoccupied, he’s often found on the basketball court or golf course chasing balls around.

Chris Mont

Chris recently moved to Philly by way of Atlanta, and he apologizes for the occasional “ya’ll” that gets peppered into conversation. Fortunately, his family is from Philadelphia, so he otherwise feels quite comfortable having this new home. While living in Atlanta he graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Percussion Performance and a master’s in Music Therapy (he also apologizes for the constant tapping and humming.) In his free time, he enjoys exploring the city’s many artistic institutions, watching documentaries, and eating any and everything spicy.

Lindsay Thompson

Associate Photo Editor/ Designer
By way of Reading, PA, Lindsay moved to Philly to get her BFA at Tyler School of Art. She has since had amazing opportunities, working with groups like Songs in the Key of Free and Philadelphia Photo Arts Center. Once upon a time, to supplement her income as a freelancer, she found work in a coffee shop, overcame her shyness, and found that talking to strangers (mug in-hand) is one of her favorite hobbies. In her free-time, Lindsay paints, runs, swims, climbs, is self-admittedly obsessed with her dog, Obi-Wan Cannoli and is usually on the cusp of over-caffeination.

Ashley Vaught

Ashley, who has a lifelong appreciation of photography, is a trained philosopher who taught at NYU, Fordham, Hunter, and Villanova before coming to Wonderful Machine. In addition to his educational responsibilities, he freelanced as a writer and editor, skills he currently employs in his role at WM overseeing the site's two blogs. He won the Tour de France four times before he decided to go into the photo business, he sometimes tells people, even though it’s not true — so don’t try looking it up. Ashley tells awesome jokes, has read Heidegger, Kant, Hegel, and Spinoza, and likes parentheses way (way) too much.

Varun Raghupathi

Varun is the kind of person who hardly ever returns to the same restaurant. He just can’t help exploring. He did recently return to his native Philadelphia after graduating with a BA in Communications from Syracuse, and then covering baseball in Baltimore. At Wonderful Machine, he writes about our member photographers, worrying that so many outstanding images do not get a fraction of attention they deserve. Can he change that? A formidable challenge, but “if you tell a good story, people will listen.”

Cliff Willson

Cliff’s mantra in life is forming meaningful connections, so it’s only natural he oversees Wonderful Machine’s social media. Having earned an M.A. in social services from Bryn Mawr, he spent almost a decade working with mental health patients. He also studied jazz in Boston’s Berklee College of Music, and is currently pursuing an online certificate in Design Thinking through MIT. “It’s all about empathy,” says Cliff. “Whether you’re trying to help a person in need, or enhance user experience as a designer, you first need to understand their perspective.” Social media isn’t any different – Cliff strives to create engagement and, by doing so, forge relationships between clients and photographers. After he logs off Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, he might go for a run in Philly’s Spruce St. Harbor Park or get lost in Robert Glasper’s music.

Hannah Sirusas

After graduating from the University of Pittsburgh, Hannah moved back to Philadelphia to start her marketing career. Now serving on the Publicity team, she brainstorms photography-puns to liven up the Wonderful Machine emailers. When off the clock, you can find Hannah painting, speaking Lithuanian, meal-prepping curry, or biking through Fairmount Park. And, if you're extra lucky, maybe all four at once.

Adrienne Cramer

Business Manager
Adrienne keeps Wonderful Machine running smoothly by managing all of our billing and payroll. Before starting WM with her husband Bill, Adrienne was director of marketing for a nonprofit, and before that, she worked in scientific publishing. She's the proud mother of twins Sarah and Helen. She makes a perfect tart crust, is an NPR junkie and can sometimes read a good book in a day.

Bill Cramer

Founder & CEO
Prior to dreaming up Wonderful Machine, Bill Cramer spent 20 years working as a photographer - first as a photojournalist for newspapers and wire services, then later doing conceptual portraits for magazines, corporations, and institutions. When he isn't busy working with his staff or interacting with photographers, you can find him walking Tilly, reading biographies, or relaxing with his family.


Branch Manager
Tilly is Bill and Adrienne’s lovable Labrador retriever. Her job description includes snoozing on the couch and inspecting trash cans around the office. At 3:30pm sharp, she walks to the 7-Eleven for her daily banana. Otherwise, you'll find her chewing on sticks, or playing fetch (she can carry three at a time).