Business Cards: Chipboards for Sara Rubinstein

May 18, 2015
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Sara Rubinstein, a photographer based in Minneapolis, Minnesota shoots primarily Lifestyle, Portraiture, and Corporate work. I love her approach to photography so when she came to us looking for a new set of business cards that had a little extra something to them, I couldn't wait to get started!

Sara has some really great rustic elements in her brand and was looking to incorporate these into her new set of business cards. Sara had mentioned from the start that she was interested in using letterpress for her cards. She felt that it created a more genuine business card and I completely agreed. Letterpress on a business card is a little more memorable than one that uses the standard printing process-it creates a card with more texture and substance, which goes well with Sara's style. With that process in mind I got to work on a first round of options. Here are a few of my favorites:

Business cards round one.

For the first round you may notice I only used one color: light blue. Sara has three main brand colors: orange, blue and brown and she uses these colors across all of her marketing materials. I wanted to incorporate her brand colors and feel into these cards, so I created a few options that included only one color of ink with the idea that she could change the single color used to either her blue, orange or brown. This option would give her the ability to mix and match her cards. After this, Sara came to the conclusion that the cards looked a bit too clean for her aesthetic and requested that we add more color. That's when our creative director Melissa had a winning suggestion to print on chipboard. I took Sara's feedback along with the chipboard idea and honkered down on another set which you can see below:

Sara's second round of choices for business cards.

Sara loved the idea of printing on chipboard, it gave her the authentic, rugged look she was going for. After a round or two of subtle design tweaks this is how the final card came out:

Sara's final new business cards.

For the printing, we worked with the very talented Scott McClelland at Paper Meets Press, which is a local print shop in the Philadelphia area. Scott was kind enough to include some shots of the final cards as well. 

To see Sara's work visit for help making some business cards of your own? Feel free to email me or check our consulting page for more information about our design services.

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