Client List Build: Laura Thompson

Mar 2, 2021
Client Outreach

I recently built a targeted client list for product, food, and fashion photographer Laura Thompson. Since we have plenty of resources to give Laura a solid list of prospective clients in her new location, we just needed to nail down the specifics.

Laura was in the process of relocating from New York City to Nashville and sought to establish herself in the new locale. In the short term, she wanted to find new e-commerce clients at her new location; in the future, she wants to be doing primarily remote product shooting out of her studio.

We decided that for her list to most effectively meet her goals, it should consist of mainly Nashville-rooted e-commerce brands and a few national product brands, with a couple of Nashville agencies and publications thrown in. I focused Laura's list on still life, snack, and beverage brands with a bright, modern aesthetic that would match her work for Hipster Kid, Supernatural Kitchen, and Dona Chai.

Laura Thompson Client List Build Nadia Kiyatkina Hipster Kid

Laura Thompson Client List Build Nadia Kiyatkina Supernatural Kitchen

Laura Thompson Client List Build Nadia Kiyatkina Dona Chai Drink

Once I got started on Laura's build, I discovered that Nashville is a very happening spot for newer fashion and product brands, with many established and rising companies planning to open up offices there. Among them is Warby Parker, a brand which also happens to be an excellent fit for Laura. The nature of the market in Nashville and Laura’s desire to include some smaller brands to hire her for e-commerce shoots resulted in a mix of prospects that was exactly what Laura wanted.

I’m loving this list. It looks like a great variety: some big, some small, some national, some local, some to keep in my back pocket like "The Tennessean."

Altogether, I turned the client list around relatively quickly; this gave Laura plenty of time to familiarize herself with her new location and allowed the market to get familiar with her.

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