Client Outreach: February 2021

Mar 12, 2021
Client OutreachReport Card Items

As 2021 rolls along, so does our fantastic Client Outreach team of Cliff, Laura, Chris, Elo, Rachel, Bryan, and Will.

Client Outreach Report Card Varun Raghupathi Cliff Willson

This past February, our group added 257 people and 194 companies to our database. The team also updated the records for 621 people and 450 companies over the course of the month.

Our Client Outreach staffers also sent out 262 individual emails to prospective clients, not including our bi-weekly email blasts. We also received this lovely message from the agency FCB Health, which was thrilled with Executive Producer Craig Oppenheimer’s helming of a recent shoot of theirs.

Want to thank you again for a great shoot yesterday. Our client’s first [commission] could not have been better planned and executed and [photographer] Chuk [Nowak] was great with the agency and client as well. 

We’d love to hear your feedback about the clients we’re promoting to. Have ideas to share? Email Bill Cramer to set up a call!