December 2014 Analytics

Jan 5, 2015
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Happy New Year to all! Along with the inevitable holiday traffic we all sat through in December, the Wonderful Machine site also saw a good (and much more tolerable) amount of traffic. Last month, our search site generated 11,689 sessions and 37,438 pageviews, with the sessions up 4% from December of last year.


Below are the top-clicked WM photographers in December. Hillary Maybery topped the charts (probably because of her amazing elk photos, which went viral on our blog last month!), followed by Kevin Necessary, Laura Stevens, Trinette + Chris, Gareth Brown, David W. Johnson, Lauren Perlstein, Joe McNally, Janine Joffe and David Arky.


Here are the top countries from which our (trackable) December traffic came. The US was followed by China, UK, Canada and France.



Below is the WM blog traffic from December. It saw 16,588 sessions and 55,779 pageviews, with the number of sessions up 2.55% from December of last year. The percent of new sessions was up 11.86%, meaning we’re attracting new viewers!



Thanks to all of our members who let us know about successes this month! Here are a few:

  • “2014 was a good year for my relationship with WM. I obtained work from two really good new clients: Delta Airlines and Emory University.” Thanks! – Gary S. Chapman
  • “Happy Holidays ladies, just wanted to report that I have gotten two shoots over the last few months from clients who found me through Wonderful Machine. Hoping 2015 brings even more! Thanks!” – Barbara Kinney
  • “I am sending this tearsheet from Rowing Magazine (which was a new client via WM, by the way).” – Dan Bigelow
  • “Wonderful Machine is my “go-to” for finding photographers across the country.” – Leah Rudolfo/ JCK Magazine
  • Producer Craig Oppenheimer successfully negotiated a quote for the Harvard Business School Executive Education Program to license 11 of Brooks Kraft‘s images for use in a brochure to be distributed with the magazine Harvard Business Review in India.

And that wraps up December’s analytics. If you need help understanding your own Analytics, we have a tutorial on Google Analytics and Google has an informative Help page as well.