Logo Refinement & Business Cards: A Fitting Look for Frantic Studio

Apr 6, 2015
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Frantic Studio, a production company based in Brooklyn, N.Y. that primarily shoots motion and still photography, recently approached marketing specialist Alexandra Ostebo in an effort to take their brand to the next level. After a few conversations, the kind folks at Frantic decided to work with Alexandra on a Branding and Marketing (BaM!) Plan, which, as she explains, is essentially an analysis of their branding and marketing tools along with a road map of how to reach their goals. Then, Alexandra and Frantic took the next step to put that plan into action with a Branding Overhaul. The first move towards a revamped brand? A sleek, professional logo.

Frantic Studio’s original logo had the potential to be a great eye-catcher but needed a few tweaks. The main aspect of their wordmark was attractive, but had a few spacing issues and the text below the logo was too small and hard to read. In this logo refinement, we aimed to fix those issues and greatly improve Frantic Studio’s mark.

Frantic's logo before.

When I first sat down to come up with a few options, I had an idea that was a little off the beaten path, that I thought would fit perfectly for them. I wanted to include some simpler marks as well, but I threw my original idea in as a wildcard of sorts. Here are a few of the options from the first round, along with the wildcard:

The "wildcard" option. 

The wildcard option immediately caught David Sutton (Frantic Studio’s Principle/Director) and Julie Hassett Sutton’s (Frantic Studio’s Photographer/Producer) attention. They decided on that mark and we jumped right in to make a few adjustments and explore some color options. After a few tries, we decided on this color scheme and landed on a winning design:

Frantic Studio's final mark.

David and Julie were so pleased with the mark, they decided to start designing business cards right away. I knew their new modern mark would look great on Moo’s Luxe Business Cards. This line offers Moo’s Quadplex Technology, which takes four layers of Mohawk superfine paper and sandwiches them together to create a thicker, more tactile card. With this process in mind, I got to work creating some choices using a bold red, which is now part of their new brand's color palette. Here are a few of my favorites:

Julie and David loved all of the options and said, “it was difficult making a decision because we liked them all.” In the end, they agreed on the same design, but with different colored backs. Here are their final cards:

Julie and David's final card designs.

Julie and David were both thrilled with how their logo and business cards turned out. Hear it straight from them below:

Wonderful Machine is a unique group of talented people. They took the time to understand who we are as a company and artists, delivered beautiful design based on strategy and brand development. The people at WM are easy to work with and have terrific insight to help us achieve our goals. They took a process that could potentially be difficult and made it painless. I can't wait to see what Wonderful Machine has next for us!

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