Stock Requests: February 2021

Mar 9, 2021
Report Card Items

We received a total of six stock requests this month and are in the process of managing one. Trends&Culture reached out to us for help finding lifestyle images for a Hospitality Brand. They needed photos that captured sophisticated yet playful social moments; we sent out the request and received 49 submissions that we shared with the agency.

Stock Requests Report Card February 2021 Nadia Kiyatkina Hospitality Brand

We got multiple requests from publications Conde Nast Traveler and Travel + Leisure, who were looking for a variety of travel, lifestyle, still-life, and conceptual images for their Spring issues. In addition, Four Seasons Magazine reached out to us for the first time, and we were happy to share their request with our photographers.

Stock Requests Report Card February 2021 Nadia Kiyatkina Four Seasons

If you’re interested in our Stock Request process, feel free to email us to learn more.