Good graphic design means more than just picking the right colors and fonts — it's creating a brand that suits you and serves as the plan for the work you'll do in the future.

You're not a product: you have a personality and so does your work. We know how to create designs that suit you and your brand best. Better yet, it'll also attract clients who will be excited to work with you. Whether it's creating an updated business card for a networking event or rebuilding your online presence with a new web template, design can completely change your outward appearance.

Rates are subject to change based on the scope of the project — please get in touch if you have any questions.

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Logos and Brand Identity

A unique brand identity demonstrates a level of professional character that's crucial to attracting your dream clients. Our design team will work with you to develop a logo that suits you and your photographs and then implement it across all of your promotional materials. This base package includes a logo in vertical and horizontal formats, a sub-mark, a style guide, and a favicon.

Mo Sadjadpour • Spencer Fochtman • Jeff Rojas • Bryan Meltz • Rodrigo Ceballos 

Logo and Brand Refinement

We grow and change, and sometimes we leave our logos and brand behind and in desperate need of an update. Do you have a logo like that? We can help you fine-tune your existing logo to better suit your new brand. After we learn about your vision, style, and professional goals, we'll develop 3 black & white variations to choose from. Then, we'll narrow down the options, fine-tune that, and add color. We’ll then deliver final logo files and a new style guide that you can use for all of your promotional materials.

Thomas Winter • Jonathan Timmes • Frantic Studio 

Business Cards

Sure, you might have a LinkedIn page, but business cards are all you! They are an essential marketing tool for every photographer and are also a great way to showcase your brand. Using your logo (or one we’ve created for you), we’ll create three black & white drafts to choose from. After settling on the best one, we’ll add color and make recommendations on paper and printing options that will make your card stand out from the competition. It’s all about the fine print!

Mike Bradley Sara Rubinstein

Web Template Customization

Technology just keeps improving, and it’s also getting easier to use. With so many great website template options at our fingertips, it’s hard to justify the cost of a custom website. But, in order to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need to customize your web template to make it uniquely yours. Our designers can help you select a template that suits you best, then help you make the most of the layout, organization, navigation, and design options available.

William Geddes • Mario Madau •  Frantic Studios 


Marketing is hard, and sometimes so is email marketing. So, leave it to us! After talking with you to understand your photography and your goals, our designer will build an emailer for you, using your existing branding. We’ll present three rough designs for you to choose from. Then, we’ll go through two rounds of fine-tuning of your favorite. When the design is finished, we'll consult with our photo editors to select up to six of your photographs that best represent your brand. We can even work within MailChimp so there are live text and replaceable images — meaning you can use it over and over again without any hassle.

A.J. Stetson •  Jason Barnes • Katie Newburn • Raquel LangworthyStephanie Mullins 

Print Promo

There’s nothing quite like holding a printed photograph or cool promo in your hand! Print promos are a unique and versatile way of getting your name out there. After talking with you to understand your work and your goals, we will present three rough designs for you to choose from. Then, we’ll go through two rounds of fine-tuning of your favorite. When the design is finished, we'll confer with our photo editors to select up to six of your photographs that best represent your brand. We’ll then deliver the final files; we’ll also help you find the best places to print them.

Francis Hills • Noel Besuzzi • Donna Dotan 

PDF Portfolio

You’re in Seattle, and your dream client is in Paris — it’s a tragic tale. But when you can’t meet with a client in person, sending them a PDF portfolio is the next best thing. Unlike your website, a PDF portfolio can show a custom edit that speaks to the needs of a specific client or type of client. We will work with you to create a single or multipage layout that shows off your skills and style in a fresh and engaging way. Not sure what images to use? We can also collaborate with our photo editors to make your PDF targeted, cohesive and memorable.

Jeffrey TotaroGregory PierceStephen DeVries

Treatment Template

Big projects will need more than just an estimate; you’ll need a lot more than that to get the job. That’s where treatments come in — it combines a mini-portfolio along with details about your production team, facilities, experience, and approach in a way that will show off your capabilities, professionalism, and interest. We can work with you to create a custom treatment. We’ll even set you up with a template that you can customize for future projects. We can also draw on the expertise of our photo editors, producers, and publicists, so you have the most sophisticated image selection, pricing, and copywriting available.  

Blake Jorgenson

Also Available

  • Custom Promo Design
  • Custom Website Design
  • Blog Customization