Whether it’s a stock quote for a small magazine or a treatment for a large ad campaign, we have the experience and know-how to research, price, and negotiate just about any project.

We understand the value of commercial photography, and we know how to structure agreements that will give you the best chance of getting the job — and at a fair price. We can scale our services to meet your needs, whether it’s simply to review an estimate that you’ve created yourself or to build a proposal from the ground up. Check out over 80 case studies here.

Estimating Consulting Rate $150/hour

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Our producers have extensive experience creating commercial estimates. We will first talk with you (and your client if you like) to get a thorough understanding of your project. We will then draft a proposal, factoring in the complexity of the job, the photographer’s time, skill and uniqueness, the licensing required by the client, the necessary production elements, and overall market conditions. We will review the details of the quote with you and then negotiate (or assist you in negotiating) the final terms with the client.

About 2-3 hours to build an estimate from the ground up.
About 1-2 hours to develop creative/licensing fees only, to develop a stock quote or to review an estimate you’ve created.

Estimated turnaround: 1-2 days


Our producers have created and reviewed a wide range of contracts ranging from editorial assignments to long-term ongoing contracts and even contracts presented to photographers by reps. We can review a document and help you turn legal jargon into plain English, or we can help you develop a contract from the ground up. Either way, we’ll make sure your interests and rights are well protected, and that you fully understand what you are about to sign or to ask a client to sign.

About 3-4 hours to build a contract from the ground up.
About 1-2 hours to review a contract.

Estimated turnaround: 1-2 days


Whether it’s an estimate with a 6-digit bottom line or a smaller project for a new client, you should always consider delivering a treatment with your cost estimate. A treatment is a multi-page document that allows you to elaborate on your approach to a project and supply additional information not typically included in your estimate or terms/conditions. Treatments should integrate your branding elements and typically include a cover letter and sample images, but can also be more complex and include crew bios, a detailed overview of creative and production approaches and references for past clients. Whether you include a lot or a little, a treatment will allow you to convey an elevated sense of professionalism that may ultimately help you land your dream assignment.

Our experienced Producers, Photo Editors, Designers and Copywriter can work with you to create a branded treatment from scratch, and we can also work with information you provide to compile a treatment with existing content.

Pricing and turnaround quoted on a case-by-case basis. Call for a quote: 610.260.0200

Pricing & Negotiating Review

Our Pricing & Negotiating Review provides a quick and inexpensive way to get a handle on your estimating practices, whether you find yourself quoting on editorial, corporate or advertising assignments or stock. The package includes a review of your current pricing approach, along with in-depth analysis of up to three of your recent estimates. We’ll also explain all of our standard contract templates and terminology and coach you on estimating applications like BlinkBid.

$750 package price 
Estimated turnaround: 1 week