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Client List Build

Of all the publications, agencies and brands out there, which ones are right for you, and who's the best person to contact at those companies? Our staff has the knowledge and experience to help you reconcile your interests and skills with the needs of the marketplace. We have the data and research tools to build a list that's right for you. We'll start with an evaluation of your branding, market positioning, and ideal clients to build a custom list of 50 contacts that are yours to keep. 

Bryan Tarnowski • Megan Taylor •

Branding & Marketing (BaM!) Plan

Our Branding & Marketing Plan is a quick and effective way to get a handle on where your career stands and how you might proceed moving forward. It starts with a conversation with one of our marketing consultants, to reconcile your interests and skills with the opportunities of the marketplace. Then, after reviewing your current marketing materials and marketing plan with our team of photo editors and designers, our marketing consultant will send you an in-depth, written analysis of your brand, our recommendations on how to improve your marketing materials and a custom marketing plan that spells out a specific course of action that you can follow for the next 6 months to move towards your goals. Finally, we’ll schedule a follow-up call with you to review that plan and answer any questions you may have.

Marketing Partner

Team up with us for success! To grow as quickly as possible, photographers need a sustained effort of client research and outreach. Our marketing consultants can provide that consistent support:

  • We reconcile your interests and skills with the opportunities in the marketplace — thus establishing your brand.
  • We evaluate your marketing materials to ensure that they match up with your brand.
  • We'll build a six-month marketing schedule for us to follow.
  • We build a list of clients who are appropriate for you.
  • Each month we contact prospects by phone and email to share your story. We report on our progress and we research new clients to ensure that our list is on target.
  • As needed we arrange portfolio meetings and offer quarterly emailers and/or print mailers.
Michelle Gibson • Stephen DeVries 

Branding & Marketing Partner

This package is for those photographers who are ready to make a big marketing push. Over the course of 12 months, our team of marketing, photo editing, and design consultants will help smooth out your marketing materials, create a plan, and implement that plan. We will start with a blueprint to outline possible improvements and build a month-to-month plan for the year. In the corresponding months, we will build lists of clients, outreach individually, create quarterly emailers, design a print promo, and update your website with new work. Our consultants will act as your partners to answer any questions or give any support throughout this 12-month period.

Marketing Mentor

Imagine having a savvy friend guide you as you grow your photography business. Marketing Mentor puts all the experience of Wonderful Machine at your fingertips. You’ll have a dedicated account executive working with you every month to help you focus on what's important and to make steady progress. Our Marketing Mentors can help you:

  • Understand your strengths as a photographer
  • Understand your target market
  • Learn how to organize, edit, and sequence your portfolio and website
  • Learn how to research clients
  • Learn how to connect with clients on the phone and in-person
Ryan Price • Anna & Jordan Rathkopf

Marketing Audit

Ready to get serious about promotion? Our Marketing Audit will help you understand your options and figure out where to begin. It starts with a thought-provoking questionnaire designed to identify your business goals; then we use a fine-tooth comb to evaluate your marketing materials. When the examination is complete, we provide the feedback you need in order to take that first step.

Client Meetings

There’s nothing quite like face time to make yourself memorable to an important client. But if setting up meetings isn’t your favorite thing to do, we can do it for you. Whether you’re making a trip to the big city or you’d like to arrange meetings in your own backyard, we can help you get in front of the right folks. First, we’ll create a hand-picked list of high-priority clients based on your interests and skills. Then we’ll send emails to schedule meetings for you. We can’t guarantee that we’ll be able to schedule any meetings as we’re at the mercy of the client’s availability. But historically, we’ve been able to arrange about three visits per session.

Matt Graves • Michelle McSwain • Bob Croslin • Samantha Wolov 

Portfolio Runner

Some photographers simply don't have time to show their portfolio, or they're too far away from New York City, where so many clients are based. Our marketing consultants can set up meetings with clients and show your book for you.

Finding a Rep

With hundreds of reps and photo agencies around the world, finding the one that’s right for you can be a challenge. Our marketing consultants can help you through that process. We will first evaluate your work and have a conversation with you in order to thoroughly understand your skills and interests. With that in mind, we’ll screen our list of reps to determine which ones are most likely to be a good match for you. We’ll send personalized emails along with links to your website to each agent. A day or two later, we’ll follow up each email with a phone call to gauge interest. We’ll find out more about how they work, what they do for their photographers and what they charge. We can’t guarantee that you will find a rep, however, if you do find a good match, we can help negotiate your contract for an additional fee.

Clay Cook • Rick Souders

Project Pitch

Do you have a unique project that you’d like to pitch to magazines? Our marketing team can help get it in front of the right people. Whether it’s a completed project or just in the idea stage, we can develop a strategy to identify the best audience for your project and then connect with them. We’ll start by looking at your project and discussing your goals. We’ll then develop a list of appropriate prospects. We’ll send personalized emails with a description of the project and some samples of your work. We’ll follow up with a round of phone calls to make sure they received the emails and to explain it further. While our main goal would be to get your project published, we have also found that this process is a great way to promote you for future assignments. If a publication does decide to run your story, we can also help you negotiate fees and licensing based on the number of images and how they are used. This process would take an additional 1-2 consulting hours.

Clark Vandergrift • Kim Smith •  Taylor Roades

Branding Overhaul

Whether you’re launching your photography career from scratch or just looking for a new beginning, our Branding Overhaul is a great way to get a fresh start. This package provides you with all of the essential marketing tools you’ll need to communicate with prospective clients, including some or all of the following:

  • Graphic Identity: Including a logo, digital versions of all stationery items, and implementation guidelines.
  • Web Edit: Our photo editors will work with you to select, organize, categorize, and sequence pictures for your website.
  • Website Template Customization: Our designers will work with you to find the best template for you and then bring it to life with your logo, pictures, about page, and contact page.
  • Blog & Social Media: Our designers will work with you to select a blog platform and two social media platforms and implement your branding. Our publicists will also coach you on how to best utilize them.
  • Emailer Template: Our designers will create a template that will allow you to swap in new pictures each time you send it out.
  • Print Promo Template: Our designers will create a template that will allow you to swap in new pictures each time you send it out.
  • Print Portfolio Edit and Construction: Our photo editors will work with you to select a portfolio book, complete the edit, and supervise the printing and binding.
  • iPad Edit: Our photo editors will work with you to select, organize, categorize, and sequence pictures for your tablet.
  • Marketing Implementation: We’ll use our extensive marketing experience to create a list of clients relevant to your photography and outreach to that list on your behalf.
  • Social Media Start-Up: One of our experts will work with you to craft a social media strategy that includes creating up to 4 social media networks, identifying an appropriate audience, establishing a social media calendar, and crafting a sustainable workflow.
  • Analytics Start-Up: We will work with you to implement analytics tools, teaching you how to interpret the results and take action based on that information.

The process starts with a conversation with our team of photo editors, designers, and marketing consultants to really understand your interests and skills and to reconcile them with the opportunities of the marketplace. Once we have a consensus on the idea of your brand, we’ll be able to communicate that across all of your marketing materials in a way that will resonate with clients that are appropriate for you.

Matthew Carden • Robert Granoff •  Michelle McSwain • Justin Clemons

Relocation Package

Whether it’s across the state or a continent away, our marketing team has you covered! Our Relocation Package is an effective way to put your best foot forward in a new location with an evaluation of your current brand and marketing efforts, a custom list of clients in your new area, and suggestions on how to improve your marketing materials. We’ll work with our team of photo editors, publicists, and designers to make sure you are on the right path to move towards your goals in your new location, as well as develop a custom marketing plan that spells out a specific course of action. 

Michelle McSwain • Moris Moreno • John Davis